Welcome - Open Me FIrst!

Hello and Welcome to the AKES-K online learning site.

To get the most out of using this learning site can you practice a few skills - curiosity, perseverance, problem-solving, imagination and a 'can do' attitude? Why?

Many of you will have been introduced to online learning on the LifeLong Learning site sponsored by the UK Ismaili Education Board. This site is a change, in looks, in vocabulary, in where you find assignments and courses and blogs. Some of us like change and some of us don't. However, whether we do or don't, this is our new learning site.

It's a little like getting a new radio or TV or car. There are new gadgets and buttons that we did not have on our old one. And guess what? we're going to have to read the instructions! (Our favorite pastime, right?)

Speaking of cars, those of you who have one, you most probably are familiar with what's called 'the dashboard'. When the driver and the front passenger get in the front seat, they are looking at the dashboard which has all the gadgets on it which allow you to drive the car. There are the lights, the gas gauge, the speedometer, the buttons for a heater or an air-conditioner - the list is long, especially depending upon how modern and expensive the car is.  Some cars now drive themselves!




When you next log in, notice in the upper left corner a tab named 'Navigation'. We know that word from other learning sites. 'To navigate' means to 'plan and direct the course of a boat or other form of transportation'. Like other websites, we are going to learn to 'navigate' this one. That tab is going to show where we can go.

Click 'Navigation' and 'Dashboard' will appear. This is your first point of reference.

We would like you to take a moment to return to the home site page by clicking on 'Navigation' (upper left corner), locate the Dashboard in the upper left corner and see the choices that come up. Take time to click on each category. Play investigation. Be curious. Then return to the Home site and open the second post on the News Forum for more news.


the online team

Last modified: Saturday, 23 April 2016, 6:03 PM